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HUNT 2017 REPORT - A Few Firsts

First : Points for being a First Time Team
First : Points for being a Team of Two
First : Points for being the first in a Make of Car
First : Points for being the first in a Model of Car
First : Fourth Heat added so more Teams could take part
First : Group Photo of all Teams on each Heat
First : Videos of Teams out on the Hunt
First : Rally Plates and Stickers
First : Trophies for the Winners of each Heat
First : Trophy to keep for the Winner of last years Hunt

Technology can offer the chance to improve an event, but sometimes you have ideas that you really should have thought of years ago. In the past we have reported more than once how a Team, charged with adrenaline, has hit the road without realising the first clue was to be found at the Starting Point.
I have long pondered on how to avoid this, so the first challenge for Teams this year was find their Question Sheets. This would determine their order of departure. It worked well, but we still had some who failed to listen to the instruction that they were NOT to depart until they had been flagged away by the Union Jack! We gave Points for being a First Time Team, for being a Team of 2, and for being the first Team in a Make and/or Model of car.
We introduced a fourth Heat, captured elements of the Hunt on video, took a Group Photo of the Teams on each Heat, introduced Rally Plates, Hunt Rally Plate Stickers, mini Trophies for the winners of each Heat, and one to keep for the Winner of the previous years Hunt.

And we had our first Team in an Aston Martin!!!

Much as I love the cars, it is the people who make the Hunt what it is, and this years crop of Novice Hunters were exceptional. We had some real characters, as you will see if you look through the photos on our Facebook page.
It all helped make 2017 the biggest and best Hunt to date!
You can read my Report on each 2017 Heat here:

HEAT 1 REPORT - https://www.facebook.com/HarpersHunt/posts/1026264207522594

HEAT 2 REPORT - https://www.facebook.com/HarpersHunt/posts/1072744449541236

HEAT 3 REPORT - https://www.facebook.com/HarpersHunt/posts/1099168770232137

HEAT 4 REPORT - https://www.facebook.com/HarpersHunt/posts/1121499024665778
The Results
36th Team Cox - Classic Mini - 52 Points
35th Team Skinner - Ford Focus - 56 Points
34th Team Topley - VW Golf
33rd Team Gass - Abarth 595 - 61 Points
31st Team Hammond - GBS Zero - 62 Points
Team Howard -
30th Team Noakes - Triumph Spitfire - 65 Points
27th Team Os - Hyundai Coupe - 66 Points
Team Pope - Jaguar F-Type
Team Williams - Triumph TR7 V8
25th Team Kent - TVR Chimera - 71 Points
Team Skepper - MG TF
24th Team Connolly - Alfa Romeo GT - 73 Points
23rd Team Gallagher - MGF - 75 Points
22nd Team Topley-Dixon - Ford Orion - 76 Points
21st Team Miller - VW Golf - 77 Points
17th Team Sweeney - Mini Cooper - 78 Points
Team Milton - Land-Rover Freelander
Team Scott - Audi A6
Team Young - Vauxhall Cavalier
15th Team Gowans - Morris Minor Convertable - 80 Points
Team Almandras G - Renault Clio
14th Team McMahon M - Subaru - 81 Points
13th Team Taylor - Abarth 595 - 82 Points
12th Team Manning - Porsche 914 - 83 Points
10th Team Bates M - BMW 750 - 84 Points
Team Almandras G - Audi RS4
9th Team Richardson - Porsche 928 - 85 Points
8th Team Bates - Mini Cooper - 86 Points
7th Team Smith - Aston Martin Vantage - 87 Points
6th Team Morley - Rover 2000 - 90 Points
5th Team Hartley - VW Camper - 91 Points
3rd Team Loveys - Porsche Boxster - 94 Points
Team McMahon - Mazda MX5
2nd Team Pownall - Nissan Qashqai - 95 Points
The Winners Team Ewbank - Range-Rover Evoque - 99 Points

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